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What You Will Achieve

  • Learn what are Mission and Skill Set of the Metaverse Manager and how you can leverage the great Metaverse Opportunity 
  • Design your Metaverse Vision and Objectives as well as your UX/UI Value Experience Upstream
  • Experience yourself what the Tech Team does: you will develop your NFT, your Smart Contract, create your Wallet, and track your NFT, Easy! 
  • Understand the key concepts about Metaverse Cybersecurity,Ethics and Social Responsibility and the new Metaverse Etiquette
  • Experience yourself an immersive event and workshop in both 2D and 3D
  • Understand the difference between the Technology and the Human factors of Success for your initiative and how to ensure Metaverse Human Adopotion
  • Design your Metaverse delivery Roadmap as well as your Adooption strategy based on the HumanTech Adoption Methodology
  • Get your Certification and start playing a key role in the Metaverse Revolution!

Here is Our Course Curriculum

  • Welcome
  • The Metaverse Opportunity
  • The Metaverse Manager Mission
  • The Metaverse Manager Skill Set
  • Metaverse Platforms Compared
  • Metaverse Blockchains Compared
  • Design your Metaverse Vision and Objectives – Workshop
  • Design your UX/UI Value Experience- Workshop
  • Knowledge check
  • The Metaverse Tech Roles Compared
  • Develop your NFT, Easy! – Workshop 
  • Develop your Smart Contract, Easy!- Workshop
  • Create your Wallet, Easy! – Workshop
  • Track your NFT, Easy! – Workshop
  • Metaverse Cybersecurity Basics
  • Metaverse Ethics and Social Responsibility Basics
  • The Metaverse Etiquette
  • Experience an event 2D – Workshop
  • Experience a 3D Workshop – Workshop
  • Knowledge check
  • Technology VS Human Success Factors Basics
  • The Metaverse Roadmap
  • Design your Metaverse Roadmap – Workshop
  • The HumanTech Adoption  Roadmap
  • Design your Metaverse Adoption Roadmap – Workshop
  • Certification!

Who should take this certification?

Human Resources

Innovation Managers

Digital Transformation Managers

Project Managers

Business Change Managers

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Metaverse Interested Audience


For Organizations*

Do you understand how essential building the Metaverse Manager skill set is across your organization and do you wish to book custom training and certification for a group of Employees? *minimum 4 attendees

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