Metaverse Adoption Manager For Organizations

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About Course

The metaverse can represent an obstacle or a great opportunity for any company, despites on their product, target audience, state of digitization and innovation, budget, internal structure and, of course, their openness or opposition to digital driven transformations.


If in the beginning, the metaverse seemed like a children’s game or science fiction, it will soon in fact become a revolution in the commercial, educational and social spheres. This new evolutionary stage that is taking place on the internet will not go unnoticed.


The companies that will succeed in exploiting the metaverse full potential will be those that will be able to equip their employees with the knowledge and the tools to and are really valuable to the user since it is clearly difficult to sell intangible goods that simply remain on a virtual plane.


Each business will have to develop new skills, tools, and an empelling need of a resource metaverse-savvy that will be charged with the key mission of driving metaverse value process definition, training and adoption across their organization: the Metaverse Adoption Manager

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to leverage the Metaverse as a great opportunity for you and your Company
  • How you can support your Company or your Clients to adopt efficiently the metaverse
  • What are the best Metaverse platforms and what to choose for your Company or your Clients
  • Who are the profiles that play a role in the Metaverse and understand what thy do
  • Develop the basic understanding you need about VR/ AR Development
  • Develop the basic understanding you need about Blockchain/NFT Engineering
  • Develop the basic understanding you need about Cybersecurity
  • Develop the basic understanding you need about Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • How to build a Metaverse Business Engagement Plan based on the HumanTech Adoption Model

Course Content

Day One

  • Welcome and connection
  • The Metaverse Opportunity
  • The Metaverse Manager Skill Set
  • Metaverse Platforms Compared
  • The Metaverse Project Team
  • VR/ AR Development basics – Workshop
  • Knowledge check

Day Two

Day Three

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