Course Curriculum

  • The Metaverse Opportunity
  • The Metaverse Manager Mission
  • The Metaverse Manager Skill Set
  • Metaverse Platforms Compared
  • Metaverse Blockchains Compared
  • Design your Metaverse Vision and Objectives – Workshop
  • Design your UX/UI Value Experience- Workshop
  • Knowledge check
  • The Metaverse Tech Roles Compared
  • Develop your NFT, Easy! – Workshop
  • Develop your Smart Contract, Easy!- Workshop
  • Create your Wallet, Easy! – Workshop
  • Track your NFT, Easy! – Workshop
  • Metaverse Cybersecurity Basics
  • Metaverse Ethics and Social Responsibility Basics
  • The Metaverse Etiquette
    Experience an event 2D – Workshop
  • Experience a 3D Workshop – Workshop
  • Knowledge check
  • Technology VS Human Success Factors Basics
  • The Metaverse Roadmap
  • Design your Metaverse Roadmap – Workshop
  • The HumanTech Adoption Roadmap
  • Design your Metaverse Adoption Roadmap – Workshop
  • Certification!

Who should take this certification?

Human Resources Leads

CLevel Leadership

Project Managers

Business Change Managers

Metaverse Interested Audience